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哈哈~~!!>\\\< 真不好意思 哈哈

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Is my mandarin that bad? How come so many people seem to misunderstand what I've been saying lately on the news? And who have I offended? So I am here today to express my thoughts. " it is true that xin guang da dao along with aska yang and xiao jin teng made my song bei pan very very very popular and I am happy that my music compositions are getting noticed even more now because of the show. in life i know in order to become a successful person I need to work real hard, need a lot of support and luck, and im very glad that I've been having lots of luck and support throughout the years.. With luck and support plus my hard work of course to earn what I have earned today. And no doubt that xing guang da dao and aska yang and xiao has a role in that success. I just wanted to remind people that I gary chaw has also worked really hard for the past few years to get where I am today in asia , people seemed to have forgotten that due to the huge success of the show. its as simple as that!

Aska yang and xiao jin teng is no doubt my top 2 favorite new comers in the scene. They both sing with so much soul and both have fantastic voices and both have good tastes in music! ( cos they both bought my cd) Haha ha I heard they both like my music very much! Haha I have tried writing songs for the both of them, though im not sure whether they'll use it, but I would be glad to work with them as I feel that the three of us are somehow quite alike. They remind me of myself when I first came out in 2006 with superwoman. Hahah I was shy, didn't talk well, wasn't exactly " handsome and goodlooking" but hell how I surprised so many people with my vocals. Come to think of it, we are so alike!!! And I truly wish that in the future we can work together again and sing our hearts out like the night in july on xing guang da dao finals. I heard we smashed the ratings that night! I know you guys were happy cause so many people get to hear your dear gary sing on live tv! haha

I've been saying all the time about spreading love and peace, using music to spread love and peace, using music to change a persons live. Well it seems a great tv show plus good music plus great vocals…… it can change lives. It has……….

Some say its hard to be a celebrity, gossips, misunderstandings, arguments,, depression, drugs, alcohol etc………. hahah I've heard many gossips before and a lot of misunderstandings in this business, and I guess there will always be.

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